Jim Waugh, CRS



Feeling Financially Squeezed?

Escape the Grip

When you began struggling with your mortgage

payments, you may have felt that you had no way

out of the situation. You actually have many. I will

guide you through the process of finding which

option is best for you. By discovering and acting on

your options, you’ll have the leverage to escape the

grip of foreclosure.

Relieve the Pressure

When you owe more on your home than it is worth

and are struggling to make payments, the pressure

you feel can go through the roof! If you are in a

situation where your expenses exceed your income,

have a verifiable financial hardship and no other

assets to pay off the balance of your mortgage,

you may qualify for a loan modification or short sale.

I will help relieve the burden of an overwhelming

mortgage by showing you ways to execute a

dignified solution.

Calm your Fears

You may be anxious about whether your lender is

motivated to work out a solution with you. The reality

is that lenders lose much less in a short sale or loan

modification than they do in foreclosure. The costs

of foreclosure may cost your lender up to 50% of the

loan amount while a short sale could only cost them

from 15-30%.

My job is to facilitate cooperation and

communication between you and your lender and

work toward the best solution for everyone. Knowing

this should help you breathe a little easier when

starting this process.

Call me today!

I know that you are grappling with unfortunate

circumstances, and dealing with all the emotions

that come with it. I’m trained to guide you through

this process, help you to restore hope, and empower

your future. I’m here to help.

Place Your Confidence in CDPE

With the right assistance, the stress of facing

foreclosure becomes manageable. CDPEdesignated agents have received the

knowledge and training necessary to assess

all possible foreclosure alternatives and

pursue homeowners’ best options. A CDPEdesignated agent attends several days of

intensive, thorough training on foreclosure

avoidance and how to negotiate short

sales efficiently and ethically. The highly

regarded CDPE logo means you are

working with the most informed, up-todate

resource available.

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